"Born To Sweat"

On September 22nd 1989 a star was born, me, I'm the star. So this year on my birthday I wanted to do something different, something that expressed me and who I am, what I stand for but most of all what I love. A lot of people seem to have these opinions of who I am and where my brand MAY be headed but I don't think they KNOW! I had a Fashion Show "Born To Sweat" that exuded everything I've ever thought about Sweats By Stew being. SBS is a fashion forward girl who doesn't believe in being half naked to be sexy or catch an eye. She can wear sweats, an oversized hoodie, a bomber jacket with a boot or a sneaker and look perfect! One of the scenes in the fashion show was specifically all cut & sew sweats worn by my best friends. This scene was very important to me, very personal and has a lot of meaning and character behind it. Sewn by designer Daina Lanee and designed by me. From left to right: "Black Diamond Sweats" only comes in black, is very form fitting on the waist with an elastic band to fit Diamonds hips and curve her butt, the pants length is just for her she's about 5'5. The added touch with the slit on the inside of the leg tops it off! Middle: "The Ivy League Skirt" is a tennis skirt that comes in taupe, you can either fold it down or flip it up, it's for the girl with the perfect legs and boobs. Right: "The Perfect Pants" for the thick tall girl that loves anything stretchy and looks great in a high waist. All 3 have an embedded floral print (I love anything floral) and will only be sold as shown. Very limited and is now available in https://sweatsbystewonline.com/collections/bottoms

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